Nope sorry im going big mom high to extreme high diff. … Sections of this page. Create New Account . Considering Kaido/Big Mom relationship, (little brother) and that we have a symbolic fight Supernovas vs Yonko, I don't think there will be any betrayal even if it is suggested (at the very worst BM will think about it and we might have BMPs like Smoothie wanting to get the road Poneglyph in the capital, only to be stopped by the alliance). It's probably like if Kaido is a 100, Big Mom is a 99.8 and has a chance to win. Log In. 12. or. View Entire Discussion (27 Comments) More posts from the OnePiece community. Yonko 32% . Browse more videos. There, Kaido fought her in a battle that went on for the entire night. … 1 1 1 1 3 Kinjin Magic Knight. share. Big mom high to extreme diff. Big mom and Kaido can both fly so they could be hard to tag as well. Big Mom asks Kaido to leave Nico Robin alive when he kills the Straw Hat Pirates. › forums › battles-7 › kaido-vs-big-mom-1851… It’s also amazing how Kaido and Big Mom contrast one another: Kaido starves and enslaves his territory while Big Mom over feeds her people and allows them to live in peace… Kaido treats his crew with the utmost respect especially his Commanders while Big Mom actually kills her own sons and has her crew conspiring against her. With how much time left for the story, it would be very odd for Big Mom to have more of a presence than Blackbeard & Shanks. No matter what luffys punches drunk or not moved kaido. Shanks & Mihawk haven't had their final feats seen yet and will fight in the future. We are … ( luffy deflating and … Here are the 10 strongest known members of the Kaido and Big Mom alliance that we know of. Battle of the Titans. Kaido in his Dragon Form . Fully powered Kurama armored by Perfect Susanoo. By Megan Peters - December 6, 2020 04:34 pm EST. share. 0 One Piece is working with an … KAIDO VS BIG MOM AND LUFFY VS KAIDO. Considering she's the only known person to read the Poneglyphs, this makes sense. In the manga, Kaido and Big Mom’s fight that will break out in “One Piece” episode 952 ended with them agreeing to be temporary allies against Oden’s subordinates and Luffy. Share 0 Comments. Aganist gear 4th and for all intents and purposes got the same result. Facebook. >Kaido, Big Mom and Whitebeard were all part of Rocks Pirates which were held in high regard while Shanks probably was a kid or wasn’t born then. Follow. Kaido hasn't been all that impressive in my opinion. Email or Phone: Password: Forgot account? Haōshoku Haki (Color of the Conquering King): Kaido's proficiency with this power is immense, his showcase of his conquering haki was displayed when he clashed with Big Mom on Onigashima producing an immense haki clash which could be seen far away from the island. Poll Madara's Kurama Susanoo vs Kaido and Big Mom (40 votes) Madara 63% . After arriving in Wano Country, Big Mom found herself being captured by Queen and taken to Onigashima. He has a bounty of 300 million berries on his head, however, it certainly doesn't do any justice to his strength. Poll Prime Garp vs Kaido & Big Mom (22 votes) Garp 68% . Sign Up. Although Viz says, "toughest". Report Save. One Piece Goes All Out with Big Mom vs Kaido Clip. Kaido has been defeated 7 times, big mom has no such stat on record. I feel like her hide is stronger. They also have much better team work. He’ll beat Big Mom anyway. That's a … Jan 23, 2021 #4 Team Marines win high diff. He has heat breath. As seen throughout the Whole Cake Island arc, Oven is tremendously powerful and his skills are great … Kaido. Log In. Big Mom fought with Kaido on equal terms and didn't got smallest scar 955 implied Big Mom fought Prime Beard and she didn't get smallest scar with 1 arm , no Haki , no weapon , no full power homie ... she overpowered Marco far more easily than any Admiral could Big Mom is prove over 10 times to be Kaido's equal Big Mom > Akainu is not even debatable. Go. Kaido + Big Mom win . There are two official methods to read One Piece manga and you should always use the official websites to read the manga as they directly support the artists and creators. Last edited: May 18, 2020. Young Garp who clashed with Roger. Kaido and Big Mom 38% . EoS it might turn out the other way. Nah, Big Mom and Kaido are pretty much a side story. Prime Garp > Sakazuki = Prime Sengoku = Shanks >= Kaido = Kizaru >= Teach >= Big Mom Marines win very high diff. Admiral and Warlord stomps 33% . Next … Kaido was under the assumption that Big Mom's 35th daughter, and Sanji's ex-fianceé, Pudding, could read the ancient text with her third eye. Not. So wollte er Whitebeard attackieren, als dieser damit beschäftigt war, Ace vor der Marine zu retten.. Er scheint außerdem jemand zu sein, der keine Gnade kennt und sich auf keine Verhandlungen einlässt, wodurch es sehr unklug erscheint, ihn … Captain:-2CD of crew at the start of the adventure, STR/DEX/INT Characters ATK 5x, HP 1.3x, cut HP of all enemies at the end of the turn, increase appearance rate of TND orbs, crew will treat … 2 months ago 0 children. Others. Global Moderator. Either could solo 9% . Poll Kaido and Big Mom vs Akainu and Mihawk (3 votes) Yonko curbstomps them 33% . Sanji trở thành "người tàng hình", Big Mom mất trí nhớ giúp Luffy đánh bại Kaido? He can fly, she can fly. Big mom and Kaido both know about Law’s powers. King, Queen, and Jack watch her during this, and Queen expresses his anger at King for his lack of thoroughness in attacking the Big Mom Pirates outside Wano. Big Mom clarifies she has to unlock her true power to do so, but she … Reply. One Piece's next episode promo is promising to showcase a fight between Big Mom and Kaido. Alibaba Saluja ॐ Bhakti Om Prajna Niyama ॐ. Jul 17, 2020 #20 This is how Zoro gonna deal with Kaidou: Last edited: Jul 17, 2020. RELATED: One Piece: 10 Devil Fruits That Are Insanely Underrated. I'm asking for Kaido and Big Mom's feat, not Zoro slicing a huge Pica with unknown height which you One piece fans assumed as big as a mountain. Jump to. Therefore, Kaido, the beast could never beat Roger in a fight at any given time. >Shanks is nonchalant and keeps his cool unlike people like Big Mom and Kaido. And it's a very different situation of … See more of Infinity on Facebook. Killer straight up called him the strongest pirate. Unlike kaido big mom dosent seem to have a loss history either. level 1. However as of now i think big mom takes this. Kaido is such a multi dimensional character, so … Create New Account. Defeating Kaido and Big mom will not be an easy task for Luffy and other straw hats. › one-piece-big-mom-kaido-compared-emperors-of-the-sea 10 Charlotte Oven. Jul 17, 2020 #19 Oda already confirmed that Luffy will defeat Kaido . Kaido is one of these people. Kaido ist ein selbstbewusster und grausamer Krieger, der sich nie eine Gelegenheit entgehen lässt, seine Pläne in die Tat umzusetzen. I think she is more durable and i think she can match kaido in every aspect. Notable Victories: May 18, 2020 #30 By feats & portrayal Kaido & Big Mom win. Playing next. Before becoming the Pirate King, Roger teamed up with Monkey D. Garp to defeat the Rocks Pirates, which consisted of Rocks D. Xebec, Whitebeard, Kaido, Big Mom, Shiki. Not Now. STR/INT Kaido vs Big Mom. Kaido solos 33% . KAIDO VS BIG MOM AND LUFFY VS KAIDO… Thats just my opion tho. 1 of 2 Go to page. Accessibility Help. On Onigashima, the Beasts Pirates race to make sweets for Big Mom, and frantically rush back and forth as she eats them at a fast rate. He's probably the strongest pirate in the world at this point along with Big Mom herself. 2 minutes ago | 0 view. 1; 2; Next. Big mom has ikoku sovereignty. Luffy vs Kaido New Monster Trio: Zoro/Sanji/Jinbe vs Big Mom . Prime Garp is stronger than anyone on the opposite side. Geralt-Singh The Grandmaster. Aus OPwiki. › one-piece-kaido-vs-big-mom-evilest-yonko Charlotte Oven is one of the Ministers of the Big Mom Pirates. 1 month ago . or. Forgot account? Bitten. He has haki too, but he’s the strongest creature in the world, even among the humans. So for now I'll take that into account and estimate Kaido & Big Mom extreme diff. I forget the number right now, but Big Mom has been present for so many chapters that having her show up somewhere … See more of Infinity on Facebook. 3 Kaido Vs Charlotte Linlin — Big Mom managed to hold Kaido to a draw quite easily & the battle ended in a tie. Where to read One Piece Chapter 1001 Officially? level 2. 1 OniKaido Well-Known Member. MangTado. 2 Figo … Serenity Still. Big Mom solos 0% . They kept fighting for all these years and still their bounty is just a few thousand Berries above Shanks. Kaido vs Big Mom - One Piece. All in all i like kaido. Report Save. Zoro also called him the strongest. 4. This tips the scales against the rebellion, who anticipate to only be facing Kaido and Orochi's combined forces, which they estimate to be 30,000 people. Current Kaido & Big Mom . 1 month ago. >Shanks doesn’t have dictatorship over entire … Wechseln zu: Navigation, Suche REDIRECT Kaido vs Charlotte Linlin Report. Now, rather than wanting to invade Wano, she has formed an alliance with him, joining her crew with his in a pirate alliance. It seems Big Mom has buried the hatchet with Kaido after briefly fighting with him. Kaido vs Big Mom – Clash of the Yonko in Wano! 2:01 [One Piece 931]. Jul 17, 2020 #21 Ginkurage said: Luffy vs Kaido … Roger defeated Kaido alongside his entire Roks Pirate crew back in the day. Madara doesn't have infinite stamina so they just have to outlast his perfect susanoo. Art: evolved / unevolved Max Stats: Kaido vs Big Mom / Kaido / Big Mom PF Stats: Kaido / Big Mom Sprites: Link 1 / Link 2 / Link 3 / Link 4 STR Kaido. Reply. Big mom did not even budge. Recent chapters could not have made this any more obvious, all Yonko (apart from Blackbeard) have split the sky, Kaido and Big Mom clashed for a day or 2 and nothing happened. gogcho said: … Press alt + / to open this menu. He ate Zoan-type fruit as Dragon form. Blackbeard & Shanks are the more relevant to the MC out of the Yonkou.